Monday, February 23, 2009

SHOPPING LIST week of 2/22

A huge hello to our newest "flock members" from this weekend's class. The class was full of energy and many of the participants are eager for the Advanced class. We will post a date for one in the next two weeks, so be looking.

Here is what I see this week:

Kleenex Viva paper towels $7.49 (-.50 mcoup - $2ECB) $4.99 for 8 rolls
Those of you have have attended my class know that this is something to which I am brand loyal. There is a limit of 3, so I stocked up. I know at this price I need three to last until the next deal comes around.)

Revlon make-up: spend $20, get $10ECB ($1 mcoups available) Price varies

Maybellline Dream Mousse foundation of powder $8.39 (- $2 mcoup - $5 ECB) $1.39

Maybelline Volume XL Seduction lip gloss $8.99 (-$1 mcoup - $5ECB) $2.99

Hershey bars BOGO (BOGO mcoup) FREE

Venus Spa, Embrace or Gilette Gamer $8.99 (- $6 RR and - $2 coup Venus or $4 coup Gilette) .99 or MM

Colgate toothpaste .99 (-.75 mcoup) .24

Reynolds Wrap .89 Wags sale price with Wags coup (-$1 mcoup) .11MM

Tyson boneless/skinless chicken breast $1.88/lb
Starkist tuna pouches $1 (buy 2 get one free coup) 3/$2
Kroger bar or shredded cheeses $1.77 each (remember, you can freeze cheese!)


The following things are 10/$10 plus get the 11th item free (warning-- make sure you are careful with your count and don't forget your 11th items for FREE:
Dole iceberg salad
GM or Kellogs cups of cereal ($1 mIPcoup ) FREE
Miejer brand brown lunch bags (50 count)
Pillsbury Grand Biscuits ($1/2 m IPcoup) 2/$1

other sale items
South Beach bars 3/$6 (- $1mcoup) $1/box
Kelloggs Cereal 3/$7 (buy 3 and get $2 off instantly PLUS $1mcoup/2 boxes) 6/$7

Yoplait Yogurt 10/$5 (-.50 mcoup on 6 doubles to $1) 6/$2 plus buy three "whips" variety with .60/3 mcoup 3/.50 so grand total of 9 yogurts for $2.50 = .29/each

- Jen

Hi Jen, and everybody. I'm tagging along behind your post again Jen to add some great deals that I found today:


Aunt Millie's Bread on sale 10/$10, -.35c Mcoup = .30c each

Betty Crocker Scalloped (or mashed)Potato, 10/$10, - .40c IP get it here = .20 each

Crystal Light/Nabisco 100 cal snack pack: $2 off (when you buy 1 of each) mcoups located near the product on the shelf in Meijer.
Crystal Light packets, on sale 2/$5 (2.50 ea)- $2 mcoup = .50 each
Nabisco 100 Cal packs, on sale 2/$5, - .75c mcoup = $1.50
(so, 0ne Crystal Light and one Nabisco 100 Cal. Pack, $5 - $3 in coups = $2 for both)

Pillsbury Reduced sug.Cake mix, - $1/2 mcoup = .62c each

Sargento shred cheese, 3/$6 - .40c mcoup = $1.20 each


Colgate toothpaste 4.6oz, on sale for .88c - .75c mcoup = .13c each

Hersey's Kisses from Valentine's Day at 75% off = .75c - $1.50/3 IP get it here = .25c each

CVS Brand Spices are .77c, that's just a great stock up price (cinnamon, garlic or onion powder, oregano...)

Just an additional note...

Did you know that IP's are not in a limitless supply? When the amount available runs out they are no longer available (from any computer). So, you'll want to connect to the coupon sites (listed on the left side of the blog) and print out the coupons you want as soon as they are available because they may not be there tomorrow!!!

Have a great shopping week!

- Bonnie


Lacy said...

Hey!! It was so nice meeting you in Walgreens!!! I'm in the process of making a button for you!!! I'll send over the code tonight...(I have to make a trip to meijer and have small group lol).

Anyways, your site looks fantastic!!!


maryann said...

Nabisco 100 calorie snacks are on sale at Kroger for $1.88- .75MQ (totals $1.00 after double)= .88 OOP. That is the least amount of money I have ever spent on those! I have deal high!