Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Have You Been Saving Money?

Have You Been Saving Money?

How has your shopping changed since you started couponing? Have you seen a reduction in your spending? Are you finding it hard? Easy? Fun? Frustrating? We would love to know how everyone is doing. At least once a week, we receive an email like the following message, and we're just thrilled:

"Okay, Jen...I just have to say a huge thank you and your coupon class...I am totally loving it and it is actually becoming sort of a game to me! I just have to brag--This week I saved $100 at Kroger and my car was full to the top with stuff--I couldn't believe it. Then, I went to CVS today (Jayne has a bad cold and wanted to get her some saline drops), and with my coupons, I think I paid like $4 total for a huge bag of stuff. Thanks again! I am totally turning into a coupon nerd and proud of it! My friends who came with me that day are using the tips too and doing well also. - Kerry"

Post a comment below and share your great tips with everyone, or just let us know how you've been doing. You never know, your comment could really help or encourage someone to start, or increase, their savings.

Have you seen the great classes coming up in the next few weeks and months? The dates are listed at the column on the right and will link you to more information. Yay! We are having our first evening class Wednesday, April 8th, and our first weekday class on Thursday, April 9th, at the Mason Panera on Deerfield Blvd. These classes are for all of you that have a difficult time making it to our weekend classes. It's the week of Spring Break for many school districts so this may be a great time to call the baby sitter and have an evening or morning get-away for yourself while learning great tips and techniques that reduce your grocery budget and fill your pantry. We hope to see you there!

Also, we are working on up coming classes in Brown County, Ohio; Nashville, TN; and Michigan. If you have friends or family in these areas, let them know we're coming to town.

Until then, we will see you this Sunday, at Dorothy Lane Market in Springboro, OH.

- Jen & Bonnie, Two Cheap Chicks

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