Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weak Week !?!

Weak Week !?!

Well, this is not the best deal week, but I did manage to save $100 last night at Meijer (spent $68).

Here are some things I noticed at Meijer:

Their flyer contains a $5/$50 coup. Get that when you walk in the door. That's 10% off!

Ritz Crackers 2/$4 ($1 mcoup) $1 each AC PLUS buy 2 boxes, get a free gallon of milk-- so, buy 2 boxes for $2 AND get free milk. I was buying milk anyway, so free crackers for parties!

Chicken Tenders $2.95/pack (almost 2 pounds)

Coke 12 packs 3/$10 ($2 mcoup) 3/$8

Pop Tarts 4/$6 ($1/2 mcoup) 4/$4


Stride Gum .79 with store coup ($2/3 m coup) .37 for 3 packs of gum!

Hopefully, the sales will be better next week! I am sure they will.

On a more exciting note, we have scheduled an advanced class; here are the details:

Wednesday, April 22
Big Apple Bagels,
Beechmont Avenue 232.9900
Send us an e-mail at twocheapchicks@hotmail.com if you wish to register. Just mention that it is the advanced class on 4/22.

Adam, at Big Apple Bagels, is staying open late for us. There are some great BOGO coups at www.cincinnatirewards.com, and Adam has recommended you call or fax ahead if you plan to order dinner. Go to www.babcorp.com to find the location (Beechmont), download their menu, and call or fax your order. It will be ready when you arrive that night! Use the BOGO coup and take a sandwich home for lunch the next day!

Jen Chick

Hello Stockpile

Yes, Jen, this is the type of week stockpiles are made for! One insert in the Sunday paper, the price of papers has increased, the coupons in that insert weren't that great, and the stores are holding back on sales. Use your stockpile to weather this storm.

Despite all this, there are some things that were interesting this week.

Post Trail Mix Crunch cereal, BOGO @ $4.79 - $2 (print 2) Mcoup IP found here = 2/.79

Pep Farm Raisin or Cinnamon Bread, BOGO @ $3.59 - .40c Mcoup = $1 ea

Print these (as many as they allow, this is a great coup) and wait for a great Pepsi sale:
Pepsi 12 packs buy 3 get one FREE print IP here

And, last, but certainly not least, ON LINE SHOPPING:

I found a great deal on printer inks at Inkgrabber.com:

10% off Order, coupon code PJ10
15% cash back when you order through Ebates or Cashbaq

And the prices are fantastic. For example:
my black HP ink cartridge at an average good/sale price will be $19.00.

I was able to purchase the entire set of cartridges (CMYK) for $23.00
(total, shipping and everything).

AND, don't forget, I will be getting 15% cash back through my Ebates account (works the same with Cashbaq). I wanted to wait to tell you all about it until I received the ink and tried it out. It works great! Just a note, it's not a HP product, it's a knock off. I'm fine with that, I have a lot of coupons to print!!

Happy shopping!
- Bonnie Chick

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