Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week of March 15

Hello to all of our class members from Saturday's class in the Erlanger-Elsmere Schools. It was great meeting so many fun people who are excited to save money. Remember to ease into the savings tactics so you don't get overwhelmed!

Well, there are more freebies around town. I hope you are able to take advantage of these great sales.


3/$9 Reach Floss, toothbrush or Listerine Antiseptic ($3 m coup off all three) get $6 RR FREE

I combined the above deal with the following:
Charmin Ultra 6 Big Rolls $4
Kleenex tissues 90 or 110 sheets .89 ...
to be able to use my $10 RR from last week's Huggies deal. Worked perfectly!

I also used a RR from last week to buy this week's newspapers.


Irish Spring body wash 4.99 (-$1 mcoup) $4.99 ECB FREE and a MM
Colgate MaxWhite Toothpaste 2.99 (-.75mcoup) $2.99 ECB FREE and a MM

Nabisco snack boxes are $1 each. If you have some of the $2/2 tearpad coups from a few weeks ago at Meijer, then these are FREE. They have Wheat Things, Ritz crackers and many more.


I had a $6.50 off $50 coup to use, plus a $2 off any meat purchase of at least $10 AND a $2 off your frozen food purchase of $8 or more. All these coups spit out from the Catalina machine the last time I shopped there, so pay close attention to what coups you are getting a bonuses each week! Using these coups, plus mcoups, I was able to take $74 worth of groceries to just over $36. Here are some of the deals I found:

Fiber One breakfast pastries $2 (-doubled mcoup for $1) $1/box
Coffeemate creamer 2/$3 (- $1.50/2 mcoup IP and .50 mcoup) stock up price!


.88 1/2 gallons of Kroger milk or OJ
Sargento Salad Finishers (buy 10 for this deal) $2.50/ea. (-$1 mcoup - .50 Kroger bonus) $1/each. Combine these with some lettuce for a great, filling lunch!
Quaker Instant Oatmeal 2/$3 (you must buy 2 to get this price!) (-$1 mcoup) 2/$1 LIMIT 2 boxes

What did you find, Bonnie?

Hi everyone,
It was a toss up for me, Kroger or Meijer. They are both having their great "10's" sales this week. I ended up going to Meijer. I may try Kroger a little later in the week.

Lysol Rebate offer: Buy 3 different products, get $3 click here or here:
Lysol disinfectant spray 1/2 off = $2.44, - $2 mcoup = .44c
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner 1/2 off = 1.49, - 50c mcoup = .49c
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1/2 off = 1.17, - $1/2 mcoup = 1.34 or .67c ea.
(pick the products with coups attached for savings now, or savings later!)

Pepsi 12 packs 3/$10 + get a FREE Mt. Dew Voltage = 4/$10 or $2.50 ea.

Meijer Bird Seed, 6.99 BOGO = $3.50 ea.

Hunts Ketchup, good price (any coupons?) $1

McCormick Brown Gravy, .70 - $1 mcoup = + .30

Betty Crocker Warm Delights, 10/$10 = $1 ea. - .50c mcoup = FREE

Dannon Yogurt, 10/$4, - $1/10 mcoup = 10/$3 or .30c ea.

Strawberries, $1

Folgers Gourmet Coffee, 5.99, - $1/2 mcoup = 2/$11 or $5.50 ea.

Snyders Pretzels, 2/$4 - .75c mcoup = $1 ea.

Lays Chips = $1.99

Healthy Ones Boxed Deli Lunch Meat, $1.79 - .75 mcoup = .79

Fresh Mushrooms 10/$10 = $1

Enjoy your shopping this week, and take a quick second to print out the Lysol rebate, making your Lysol purchases FREE.

- Bonnie


Anonymous said...

Hi ladies. This is Chrissey from your class this weekend. I could not find how to email you via this blog.

I have a question re: CVS. If it says in the ad "Extra bucks off limit of 5 per household (example, Glade offer, page 6 middle left), does that mean I can buy that deal 2x in the same transaction and get the the Extra Bucks x2? Or do I have to buy it more than once individually?

Two Cheap Chicks said...

Great question! At CVS, you can buy the limit of their "deals" in one transaction, and it will print out all the ECB's they owe you! Remember, at Wags you have to break each transaction up to do the same!

Chrissey said...

Fantastic! If that is that case here is what I plan to get on my lunch hour. Hopefully I've calculated this correctly. Thanks to all that I learned this weekend (and the three newspapers that I bought!)

CVS deals:
FIRST TRANSACTION: Total OOP – Approx $8.00
Colgate Toothpaste - $2.99 ECB received: $2.99 Coupons to use: $.75- Total OOP 2.24
Irish Spring Body Wash - $4.99 ECB received: $4.99 Coupons to use: $.50 Total OOP $4.49
Dry Idea - $2.99 ECB received: $2.00 Coupons to use: $2.00 Total OOP: $.99

SECOND TRANSACTION: Pay with ECB from first transaction OOP should be tax only.
Glade Plug Ins/Candles - 4 for $10 ECB received: $3.00 Coupons to use: 2 BOGO coupons
Glade Plug Ins/Candles - 4 for $10 ECB received: $3.00 Coupons to use: 2 BOGO coupons

THIRD TRANSACTION: Pay with ECB from Second Transaction OOP should be change only.
Soleil Razors - $6.99 – ECB received: $3.00 – Coupons to use$2.00 – Total Cost $4.99, pay with ECB from second transaction.
Get a pack of gum to round out total.
FOURTH TRANSACTION: Total OOP for this transaction should be about $2.12
Soleil Razors - $6.99 – ECB received: $3.00 – Coupons to use$2.00 – Total Cost $4.99, pay with ECB from third transaction. Total OOP $1.99

Net result:
Approx. $12 OOP
Items brought home:
Colgate Toothpaste
Irish Spring Body Wash
Dry Idea
8 Glade plug in items
2 packs of Soleil Razors
pack of gum

Two Cheap Chicks said...

I love it! Keep up the good work. Sounds like you are quickly on your way to be featured as our "Cheap Chick of the Week!"

Chrissey said...

OMGosh!! I am back and I did it. I really did it. I can not believe it. All told, I purchased $44.95 worth of items for $13.62. I would have done a little better, but I purchased two deals on one receipt and instead of giving me 2 $3 ECBs to use on two different orders (as I had planned), it gave me a $6 ECB. So I combined one order to use it and walked out with $6 worth of ECB to use next time. There is no limit wo what you can do.

I had everything organized and written out by transaction so there was no surprises and I knew exactly what to do at each step. I was at the register for less then 3 minutes from start to finish and held up no one. It was truly great.