Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Sales This Week at Kroger and Meijer!

Wow! That's all I can say. It's a great shopping week at Kroger and Meijer!

The fantastic "Buy 10 get $5" sale is back!
There are some really great items included in the sale that you have coups for! The $5 back makes it a .50c discount on the item you buy, plus your mcoup. Remember, be careful to purchase exactly 10 items or the discount doesn't work... ALSO, THIS IS LIMITED TO 3 OFFERS PER TRANSACTION. So, if you are spending $50 and would like $25 back, you'll have to separate that into two transactions. One of the thirty items (get $15 back), the next transaction with the next twenty items (get $10 back).

Betty Crocker box potato 1.49
- .50sale - .40c IP mcoup here = .20 each
and if you use the Short Cuts, it's - another .35c off one.

Welch's Juice
- .50sale - .75 mcoup = $1.49 each

Pep. Farm Baked box snack
- .50sale - $1mcoup = $1.36 each

Fruit Roll Ups (Gushers, Stickers...)
- .50sale -.50mcoup = .50 each

Toaster Scrambles/Strudel
- .50sale - .35mcoup = .80 each

Gorton's frozen fish
- .50sale - .40c mcoup = 1.70 each

Freschetta froz pizza
- .50sale - $1.25/2 mcoup = 3.37ea or 2/$6.75

Lean Cuisine
- .50sale can you find an IP?= 1.99

Sargento Cheese
- .50sale - .40 mcoup = .70 each!!!!

- .50sale = $2.00

Kroger Ice Cream pint
.99c - .50sale = .50 each

Quaker Rice Cakes 99c - .50sale -$1 mcoup = FREE

Colgate Total or Wave toothbrush
1.50 - .50sale - .75c mcoup = FREE

Fiber One bars $2.49 (-$1mcoup - bonus) $1/box

Their "Buy 10 get 11 item Free" sale is back! If I mark it *, then it's included in that sale:

*Pepsi 2 ltrs $1 - $1/4 mcoup tear off from previous bottle = 12/$8 or .66c each

Kool Aid = .10c each

*Zip Lock sandwich baggies
("evolve" baggies are included in sale) $1 each

Velveeta Shells and Cz or Kraft Delux Mac
3/$5 and get $3 off fresh meat catalina

Progresso Soups 8/$10 (-$1mcoup on 2) = 8/$6

Pop Tarts 12 ct. box = 4/$10 (but buy 4 get $2 off instantly) - $1/2 mcoup= 4/$6

*Betty Crocker brownie mix (-.40mcoup doubles to .80) .20/box, but free is you have 10 coups

*Zatarans Rice
$1 - .75/2 mcoup = .50c each

*Del Monte can tomato
$1 - .40c mcoup = .20c each

Jennie O ground turkey
on sale for $2.24 (eat or freeze today) - $3 catalina = FREE


Garnier hair products $2.99 - $2 Wag coup - $1 mcoup = FREE

Jergens Natural Glow Express body moisturizer
$4.59 (clearance) - $1.50 Wag coup - $3
mcoup =
.09c each

Nivia lotion travel packs
, great for airplane, .99c - $1 mcoup = FREE

Ajax 2/$1 = .50c each
, good price

Duncan Hines brownie mix
$1 - $1/2 mcoup = .50c each

Starbucks chocolates
2/$10 - $6/2 wag coup - (2x) $1 mcoup (blinkie from CVS) = 2/$2 (and there are $1 coups inside each package, so you could do again)

Orbit gum
awesome price
= 3/$1
Ads everywhere else this week have them at $1 each!

Coffee Mate creamer $2.49 BOGO sale ( two different coups $1.50/2 and .50/1) so either $1/2 or $1.49/2.

Huggies deal: buy $25 in various products (including Huggies, Kleenex, etc), get $10 RR. You can only receive one RR per transaction, so I will split mine into several transactions. I will do: 2 gentle care wipes $6/each (-$5mcoup each) + Huggies diapers $10 (-$3 mcoup) + 1 box Kotex tampons= $25 precoup, $12 AC and recieve $10 RR.

Make sure you scan your flyer for even more great buys. I may have passed up something really good. What did you find this week, Jen?

- Bonnie Chick

Bonnie-- Wow is all I can say too! It has taken me this long to plan out what I was going to buy at each stop-- and collect my coups to get organized. I have added to your posts above when I found something more. I can't wait to do my shopping this week! If you buy diapers or wipes (and use Huggies) Wags has a great deal! See above. You might think about baby showers or gifts if this is not something you regularly buy!


Two Cheap Chicks said...

Jen, Where did you find your Gentle Care Wipes coup? Is it an IP or from an insert?

- Bonnie

Jen Chick said...

The Gentle Care Wipes Coup is an IP from the left side of our blog. I have not seen then there in two days, so the print limit must have been reached. It was a great deal, so if you see those coups again-- PRINT THEM and save for the next deal.