Monday, October 19, 2009

Do you rent Movies with Redbox?

You may have read our posts on Redbox and the codes they give out for FREE movie rentals. Currently, the first Monday of every month is FREE movie Monday. Redbox releases codes on the first Monday of the month that allow you to rent a Free Movie.

Hopefully, you have taken advantage of this! But, did you know Redbox also offers codes throughout the month via your Gold Membership. You don't need a membership to rent movies, it just enhances your rental experience.

Gold Membership features include:

  • Track promo codes you have used and which credit card you used them with
  • Track movies you have watched and when you watched them
  • Access the “Movie Queue” feature that allows you to keep a list of movies you want to see and rent them in just a few clicks
  • Setup you “favorite” locations and states to make reporting promo codes easier and faster
  • See a personalized promo code list of those you haven’t tried/used yet
  • Get instant notification of new promo codes as soon as they are available (coming soon)

Some even cooler features are coming soon, like the ability to be notified when a movie you want to see becomes available at a kiosk near you, and more…

We love Redbox at our house, movies are only $1 per day (or Free with a code). If you're looking for a specific movie, you can have it delivered to a Redbox near you!

Sign up for your Gold Membership HERE (it's FREE).

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