Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kroger this week


It is time for the Kroger Mega-deal again. You buy 10 of these items, mix and match, and you get $5 off. There are some free deals and some really low prices on others.

Goldfish $1.38 (-.50 MD and -$1 mcoup) MM

Capri Sun $1.78 (-.50MD) $1.28

Kraft Mac and Cheese .99 (buy 4) (-.50 MD + b3g1 mcoup) 4/$1

Crystal Lite (2.99 -2 mcoup wybNabisco) and 100 Calorie Nabisco crackers ( 2.39-.50MD-$1mcoup) $1.89 for Crystal Lite and 100 calories snack packs

Franks Hot Sauce 1.69 (-.50 MD - $1mcoup) .19

Quaker Rice cakes .99 (-.50 MD- $1 mcoup) MM

Finish Dishwasher tabs 3.49 (-.50 MD - 2.50 Mcoup) .49

While you are there, check out the deal on Tyson Chicken too. I was not going straight home, so I was unable to buy anything frozen.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen! This is great, I haven't had time to even look at the sales this week and this will really help with my shopping!!