Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Hi All,
Just a little reminder about our class this weekend at the Milford Panera Bread on Route 28, details here... come along and bring a friend. Jen teaches a really informative and fun class. You'll learn the tips and tricks to save 30 - 50% off your grocery bill and see exactly how we've both done just that. It will be a great couponing week with an estimated three inserts in this Sunday's paper.

Here are some great FREE finds this week, hurry and print or sign up now before the offers end... just press the
button to get your FREE stuff!

FREE Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe
- An email address is all they need. Pick your Mimi's Cafe location. They will then email you your Free Breakfast certificate. Just a note, they put an expiration date of about two weeks from the time you sign up, so you may want to wait until you know when you'll want to use it... have a friend sign up too and make a date!
FREE Kids Meal and Drink at Bob Evans - Just join their email list (using your couponing email of course). Have your spouse sign up too for another child.

FREE Sub from Quiznos
- simply sign up and they will email you the coupon almost instantly. Yum, lunch today!

FREE Kellogs Pop Tarts - They will send you samples and possibly coupons.
$5 off Coupon from Abuelo's - Sign up for their e-club and they will email you the coupon. They don't mention it on their web site, but that's what they do. Again, this coupon will expire, so wait until you think you'll use it. It took around 15 to 30 minutes to get to my "in box", so you could register before you go tonight!!

Are you planning on dining out? - Get restaurant Gift Certificates (not coupons) for 80% off their face value!
Yesterday, I purchased $90 in gift certificates (not coupons) through Ebates then to, and paid only $7 and change. They work just like a gift certificate works. Some have a stipulation that if it's a $25 GC, you must purchase $35 in food... making your bill only $10 (plus gratuity on the full amount), that's a fantastic deal! is a great deal normally, it's even better when you use the coupon code located in Ebates! Simply log into Ebates, search for the offer, get the code, connect to through Ebates, pick your restaurant, check out, plug in your code for your 80% off and pay. They instantly email you your purchase confirmation with the Gift Certificates. You print them off of your printer and they are ready to use. They are good for up to a year from the date! Father's day, Mother's day, Birthday... or tonight!!

Have a great weekend and we hope to see you in Milford on Saturday.

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