Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why I coupon...

Why I coupon

I will post my Miejer and CVS deals for this week ASAP, but first I wanted to show what I managed to get at CVS for less then $6 OOP inc. tax (this was done in three transactions) In case you can't see the items well:

1 2-Liter diet Coke
5 Secret deodorants
2 Chunky soup
2 625 count Q tips
2 18 count Tampax pearl
1 pk Playschool wipes
4 On the Go Crystal Light Packets
2 Maybelline Foundations
11 various brands lipsticks
8 Dentyn gums
2 packages True North snacks
1 People Magazine Style Watch edition
4 boxes (6 in each) Nabisco 100 Calorie Snack Packs
2 8 ct. Duracell C batteries
5 Johnson Buddy Bars
1 Puffs Ultra
1 6 pack Big Rolls Charmin
7 Lumene cleansing wipes

I approximate this would be $235.75 retail value (without tax).
I know-- crazy, isn't it?
- Jen Chick

Hi everyone, hi Jen. Wow! That was a great shopping trip Jen!

Meijer sales this week are very good, but some get a little complex!
This is what I found:

Country Crock 15oz on sale 2/$3, -.55c mcoup = 2/$1 or .50c each
(good stock up price)

Crystal Light B2G2 @ $4.58, - $2mcoup tear off WYB (when you buy) Nabisco 100cal pack cookies = 4/$5.16, or $1.29 ea (if you use 2 coup, I used 3 - didn't have 4th) so my total was 4/$3.16
(also receive a $2 off catalina on your next shopping trip, compliments of Crystal Light, grab)

Nabisco 100 Cal packs (needed to buy 2) @ 2.50 ea - .75 mcoup = 1.50 ea or $3

Meijer Shreded Cheese 4/$6 - good SU price!
(receive a Kraft cheese $1/2 catalina WYB)

Bertolli Frozen Meals, Buy 2 @ $11, - $2 IP mcoup print here (print 2 coups out for deal), - $1 Meijer insert coup in their insert, get Pep. Farm Garlic Bread Free = 2/$6 OR $3ea (+ 2 free bread, see next)

Pep. Farm Cheese Fr Bread 5/$10 = $2 ea - $2(from free Bertolli deal), - $1/2 mcoup = $1, -$1 Meijer insert coup = FREE

Get a Free bag of Meijer brand frozen potatoes WYB 2 Tyson frozen bag Chicken (find a Tyson coup to make this deal even better)

I purchased 51 items and paid $57.95
that's an average of $1.14 per item, healthy foods from all 4 food groups, meats included, everything "from soup to nuts"!
- Bonnie Chick

I haven't gone to Kroger yet. They have the buy 10 items and get $5 off...this is what looks good:

Gorton's Seafood, $2.99 -.50c (10 item sale), .40 mcoup = 1.69 ea

Freschetta Pizza, $4.49 - .50c (10 item), -$1/2 mcoup = $3.49 ea or 2/$7

Strawberries $1.28
Green Pep .77c ea

Dannon Activia or DanActive Yogurt (4 packs), 2/$4, -$1 mcoup = $1 each 4pk

These deals are in the flyer, I'll post if I find more deals after I shop.

Have a great shopping week. Share your great finds with us! We're looking forward to hearing from you! Jen, what grocery deals did you find?

Bonnie-- I will add to the list of great finds you had.


Dannon Yogurt .50/each ( .60 mcoup doubles to $1 off 6 plus buy 6 get one free coup) and then somehow the register took off two more for free, so I got 7 yogurts for $1

Nabisco 100 calorie snack packs $2/each ($2 off mcoup wyb crystal light) I found clearance C. Light Flavor packets 14 pack box for $2.42 so that made a box of snacks and a box of packets for $2.42 total

2.19/lb. boneless chuckeye roast

Aunt Millie buns (hamburger or hotdog)$1/each ( .35 mcoup doubles to .70) .30

I have not seen the Kroger sales, so that is all I can add.
Happy shopping!
- Jen Chick

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