Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get Money Back When You Shop Online

Get Money Back When You Shop Online

Who doesn't love putting on a pair of jeans and finding a $20 in the pocket? Or, getting to the register and finding out that the item you're buying is on sale!! Well, shopping online through Ebates or Cashbaq gives you that same reward.

First you register through one of the sites (they are both listed on the left side of our site), it's completely FREE. They start you off with a $5 bonus that goes into your account when you make your first purchase.

Then, find the store where you need to shop. You can shop for products and services at over 2,100 stores (and earn rebates/Ebates or cash back/Cashbaq). When you find your store, they will give you anywhere from 1% - 16% cash into your account when you make your purchase. Each store lists the percent that they will give you. A check is mailed to you every three months when you have at least $5.01 in your account. Sounds good?

It gets better. You can double your savings by using coupons! When you make a purchase through Ebates or Cashbaq, and you use a store coupon, you're saving twice. When you get a coupon code for a discount or sale price, maybe even free shipping. Go to that store through EB or CB and make your purchase, enter your code as you check out... and wa la, you've doubled your savings.

Where do you get the coupon codes? Sometimes they are emailed to you through the stores you regularly shop. Or you can find them online through various coupon sites, and even on the Ebates and Cashbaq sites.

Use this saving power on purchases you are planning on buying at stores you already shop! We have put a link on the side bar to make it easy to use and easy to remember. You wouldn't want to make a purchase online with out it!!

Here is an example of my first purchase through Ebates:

The 2009 Entertainment Book (Coupons, of course), $25 on sale for $16.25
(your zip code may be even less for this book)
I will get the $5 in my Ebates account for signing up,
I will get a $6 rebate in my Ebates account from Entertainment Book

If you choose to use Cashbaq, you will get $10 back! An even better deal!!

Therefore the book was actually a final cost of $5.25, not a bad deal at all.

Have a great Shopping day!

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