Sunday, February 15, 2009

There were no coupon inserts in the paper this week, FYI. Don't worry.

Hi all! I would like to first say hello to all of the new couponers from our class on Valentines morning. We had a fun class, and look forward to seeing several of you at the advanced class.
There were no coupon inserts in the paper this week, FYI. Don't worry. This is normal for a holiday weekend.
Deals for the week of 2/15 at:
Kelloggs Nutri-grain bars 2/$4 ($1 off 2 coup), so 2/$3... but, buy 5 boxes and get a gallon of Meijer milk for FREE.
Dannon yogurts .40/each (.60 off 6 mcoup and $1 off 10 mcoup) makes them $2.80 for 12
Coffeemate creamer $1.66 each (.50 mcoup ) .66 . Great price. However, they had some Gingerbread flavored on clearance and after coup the price was .19!
Ground Round 2 lb. packs for $3. That matched the sale price Kroger has this week.
Powerade Zero drinks .79 (.40 mcoup) FREE (this coup expires today so I hope you used it!)
Don't forget the clearance candy and Valentines goods. I stocked up on treat bags and stickers for my kids' parties next year.
Colgate Total Advanced 4.0 ounce size tootahpaste 2.99 (prints out 2.99 ECB) FREE (limit 2)
Do that transaction first, use use the ECBs to buy your other items.
Huggies Diapers Jumbo packs $8.99 Sun./Mon/ only (1.50 mcoup) $7.49 ac Limit 3
This sale is great to use in conjunction with a $10 off $50 coup, which I just happened to have. I added Children's Motrin ($2.50/2 mcoup) and clearance Valentines candy for my valentine
It's a slow week for me otherwise. Luckily, I have everything else stockpiled. Don't worry-- give your stockpile a little time to grow. It doesn't (and shouldn't) happen overnight!
I'd like to say hello to a fellow couponer, Roxanne, who I met at Meijer. What a nice person. I hope she makes it to our Milford Panera coupon class, and brings her coworkers!
I wonder if Bonnie sees any other deals for the week. Did you see anything we missed? We encourage you to post (but lurking is fine too!)
Jen Chick

Hi there everybody,

Jen, you had some great deals this week! I found really great offers to share too. Even though we didn't have any coups in the paper this week, don't forget you can still print them here at our blog (look at the sites to link to on the left).

At CVS, This is an example of how I used my ECB, CVS coups & mcoups this week:

1st Purchase

Herbal Essences Shampoo or Cond., 2.99 - $3/2 mcoup = $1.50 + $1 ECB = .50c each (limit 5)

Colgate Total Adv Toothpaste (Jen mentioned this also), 2.99, - $1 mcoup = 1.99 + $2.99 ECB

I purchased: 4 Herbal Essences and 2 Colgate
I had: one CVS coup/$3 off $15 purchase
one CVS $4 ECB
Total after coups = 2.94 + tax = $3.66 OOP
+ $9.98 in ECB's (I made $6.32 on that purchase)

2nd Purchase

Hersey's Kisses (holiday sale) 50% off = $1.49 - $2/2 mcoup = .50c each

Coke 2ltrs, on sale for = .99c each

LOreal H.I.P. eyeshadow metallic duo's, on sale BOGO, 6.99 - two $3 mcoups = .50 each
LOreal H.I.P. eyeshadow metallic duo's, on sale BOGO, 6.99 - two $2 mcoups = 1.50 each

I purchased: 4 bags of Hersey's kisses = $5.96
6 2ltrs of Coke = $5.94
6 LOreal HIP shadow duo's = $20.97
total: $32.87
I had: a CVS $5 off $30 coup
My ECB's from previous purchase: $5.98 & $4
My Mcoups

Total: .89c + tax = $1.87 OOP!

It was a good day!!


Chicken of the Sea Tuna (just a great price) = .50c each
Knorr Pasta Sides, on sale for $1 - .75c/2 mcoup (-$1) = .50c each
Heartland Pasta, on sale for $1.50 - .55c mcoup (-$1) = .50c each
Oreo mini cakesters 100 cal. box on sale for $1.88 - $2/2 IP mcoup = .88c each
Kraft Singles on sale for $1.99 - .75c mcoup blinkie in dairy - $1.24 each

Let us know if you find any great deals!
Have a great shopping week,

Bonnie Chick


Anonymous said...

McDonalds has free samples on Wednesday morning, a different sample each Wednesday. I saw this on a sign at McDonalds in Newport, KY.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chicks, Just wanted to let you know my first time out after class I was able to get $125 worth of groceries for $39 - not too bad for a beginner that didn't regularly use coupons! My husband is pumped up about it all! Big Thanks! Looking forward to finding out about the advanced class! TamiT

Anonymous said...

Good deals at Walgreens this week-full line of Lysol cleaning products BOGO plus you can use mcoups- I also bought 4 big boxes of Rice Krispies for $10 -$1.50/2 mcoup =$7 oop plus $3 register rewards to apply to my Lysol products! Final price for the cereal=$1/box!!!
Jill J.