Sunday, April 5, 2009

Deals the week of April 5

Weekly deals week of April 5
(Kroger ads start Mondays, remember!)

There are 5 inserts in the paper today, so head to the stores early to get your copies!

There are also some great deals out there this week. There might even be more with thte coups that are in the paper this week, but I am writing this Saturday night as I watch the Vill/UNC game.


Sun./Monday only: Free Easter basket grass and free plastic Easter baskets (after ECB)

Spend $25, get $10 ECB on infant formula and diapers (similac, Enfamil, Huggies, etc.)
Combine with various coupons ($5 mcoup, $3 mcoup, $1.50 m coup) this is a great deal. However, it is limit 1


Philadelphia Cream Cheese .99 ( m coup $1/3)


Kraft Dressing 3/$5 (- $1.50 mcoup) .16 each AC

Crystal Light B2G2 ( B2G1 mcoup) PLUS buy 2 and get $2 off at register (caution: this might only apply to the individual drink packets, and I won't know until I try it tomorrow)
Buy 12, use 4 mcoups for totally free drink mix and possibly overages!

Watch the Catalina machine—one night last week I had a $6.50/$50 coup print, plus $10/$30 gen, merch. AND $1/$3 bread purchase. I felt like I hit the jackpot! Yes, I am a coupon nerd!

I wonder what must-haves Bonnie sees…

Hi Jen and everyone,

I didn't get to shop until today (Tuesday) and I thought I'd miss out on everything! Thank goodness the stores were stocked, if not, don't forget to get those rain checks! My feet are killing me, but I think I covered every great deal to be had. Here are a few that I found:


Eggo Waffles $1.50 - .50 mcoup = .50 ea

Strawberries $1.66 ea

Land O Lakes Butter quarters 2/$2 - $1 mcoup = $1 ea

Eggs .88c, B2G1 2ltr of Big Red Soda FREE mcoup

Dole Pineapple 5/$5 ($1 ea) - $1/3 mcoup = .66 ea

Special K 2/$5 - $1 mcoup = 1.50 ea

Crystal Light B2G2 - B2G1 mcoup (use 2) = B2G4 + tear pad coup for B2G Free $1 Water (use 3) So that's B2G4 and 3 FREE gal of water!

Snyders Tortilla Chips 2.29 - $1 mcoup + mcoup on bag for $2 off Beef purchase = 1.29 ea

Wish Bone Salad Spritzer, raspberry vinegrte clearanced (a lot in stock) at $1.12 - $1 mcoup = .12 ea

Pepsi 12 packs @ 2.50 - B2G1 mcoup2 - $1 cherry 7up mcoup - $1 Cherry Dr. Pep mcoup = 4/$5.50 or 1.38 ea


Skintimate 3.49/3.49 ECB's (get a rain check if they are out)

Glade Air Freshener .99 - $1 mcoup and - BOGO mcoup = FREE


Playtex Gentle Glide 18 count, 3.99 - $1 ES coup - $1 mcoup = $2 ea

Of course, I also bought a ton of Easter candy and the best deals I thought were at Wags.

I like to look at my totals just like Laura does (see comment down below), I purchased 73 items totalling $132 (sale prices) and paid $68 OOP! That's .93 cents an item (did I mention I bought steaks and Jennie O Turkey, and...)!


Chrissey said...

All purchased at Meijer: (price BEFORE coupon listed, most items were on sale even before coupon)
Box of Spaghetti (Meijer Brand) - $1.16
Bottle of Ragu - 1.38 (.30Qea)
Quaker Chocolate Chip mini Rice Cakes - 1.79 (1.00Qea)
Gravy Mix x2 - .49 ea (.75Qea)
Cottonelle 6 double rolls x4 - 3.49 ea - (0.50Qea)if you get to Meijer, this is a good sale. I can’t get the 0.99 Cottonelle at Kroger. None of the ones I’ve been to have it anymore.
Land O Lakes spreadable Butter - $2.00 (this was the large container 16OZ, I think. I got a bunch of the smaller ones last week) (.55Qea)
Ball Park Hot Dogs x2 - $2ea (1.00/2Q)
Kraft Cheese 2.50
Kraft Dressing x6 – 1.67 ea (1.50Qea)
Bounty paper towels x4 - $1ea (.25Qea)
French’s mustard 14oz x2 - $1.00 (.50Qea, .30Qea)
Oreos - $2.50
Oreo sticks - $2.50 (1.00Q)
Snyders tortilla chips - $2.5 ($1.00Q)
Snyders Sun chip - $2.50 ($1.00Q)
Meijer Brand mini iced oatmeal cookies – 1.67

Total spent (after coupons) - $32.62

I saved a total of $45.67 I put the coupon totals in parenthesis. At Meijer, all coupons double up to $1.00. if a coupon says ea, then I had one coupon per item. If it says 1.00/2, it means I got $1 off two items.
Of that $45.67 - $25.39 was from coupons, $20.28 was from sale items.

Last night I got 3 huge boxes of GM cereal. (two Lucky Charms and one Honey Nut Cheerios) from Meijer 3/$8. I had a $1 coupon, plus a coupon for free milk. So I paid about $7 for all of it. I love doing this!

Also, the Meijer in Mason had a tear pad on the Crystal Light. If you buy one Crystal Light and One 100 Calorie Snack Pack, you get $2.00 off. I didn't do that deal this trip, but I probably will this week.

Two Cheap Chicks said...

Great deals at Meijer, for sure!
I will check into the Cottonelle; maybe the manager at my Kroger will order it again. I have not been to Kroger this week, but will check when I go to get my cream cheese with store coup!

Laura, SC said...

This week was, I think, my best week, yet. I have different stores down here in SC, but thought I'd share how much I saved. I bought $97.00 worth of items, but only paid $37.00. That was 51 items!! I paid about $.75 an item. I took advantage of the bogo free at our local grocery store and the coupons on top of that was amazing.

Two Cheap Chicks said...

Laura, I love looking at my total that way too! 51 items for $37, awesome job! - Bonnie

Mamma has spoken said...

Today at Walgreens I bought 2-12 packages of Schick Disposable Razors. Used a manufacturer's for BOGO free AND the coupon in their supersaver. The registar gave me the $2 off both packs,making my final cost for the two packs $2.00. Maybe a glich in the registar but I am happy, my total savings was more than my final cost :o)