Monday, June 1, 2009

Coupon Linking

Always keep your eyes peeled for special unadvertised deals. It makes a dull sale week begin to shine! For example, this week at Meijer Get one 24 pack of Meijer Brand water FREE WYB 2 Crystal Light On The Go packets! Do some coupon linking and there will be some terrific savings. What is coupon linking? This will explain:

2 boxes Crystal Light on the go packets, $2.88 x 2 = $5.76

- $1 MMBCoup (x's 2), they accept more than one per transaction now) found HERE

- $2 off 2 Mcoup IP or $1 off 1 (x's 2) Mcoup IP, both found HERE

+ 1 FREE box Skin Essentials Crystal Light on the go packets

- $1 off 1 Mcoup IP found HERE

- $1 MMBCoup found HERE

+ 1 FREE 24 pack Meijer Water

- $1 off any water WYB 2 Crystal Light Mcoup tearpad (from a while back, might be near water, I hope you have it or can find it!)

= + .24c, MM!

But wait, there's more... above the Crystal Light products you'll find a tear pad coup for $2 off WYB 1 box of Wheat Thins and 1 Crystal Light. Wheat Thins are not on sale, but Ritz crackers are...

1 box Ritz crackers, 2/$5 = $2.50

+ 1 FREE box Wheat Thins with the B1 Ritz, G1 Wheat Thins Mcoup (from Paper)

-$1 Ritz Mcoup IP found HERE

- $1 Ritz MMBcoup found HERE

-$2 WYB 1 box of Wheat Thins and Crystal Light tear pad Mcoup (in Crystal Light Isle)

= + $1.50, MM

Final Total:

3 Crystal Lights

1 24 Pack Meijer Water

1 Box of Wheat Thins and

1 Box of Ritz Crackers

= MM of $1.74

(update, I forgot one thing...) + get a $2 off your next shopping Catalina WYB any 4 Crystal Light between 5/29 - 6/11

=MM of $3.74!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that, is coupon linking!!

Have a great shopping week!

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