Friday, June 5, 2009


Have you been getting your FREE Stuff ? My favorites lately have been: the Cottonelle sample (a mini tube, how cute - use on a hike;) ???), the shampoo and cond. samples (throw in your bag for the gym or pool), the Jergens Natural Glow facial moisturizer (I love this lotion. I have used it every day and the tube still seems full. Has SPF 20 too, so your face is safe for the day!), and last but not least my FREE Chocolate from Mars Candy (Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, 3 Musketeers, M&M, and Dove. I used this FREE Coupon with my M-BOGO coup at Wags this week where M&M's are 3/$2 and recieved 3/.66c.).

Did anyone get the Volpi Sample? All I received was an empty envelope from the post office with a hole in it. What was the sample, I'm dying to know... a salami????

Let's revisit some of the great offers from the past that are still available. If you haven't tried signing up for these you should, it's fast, easy and fun. They only ask for your address.

Paperback from Borders, Buy 2 paperbacks - get 1 FREE (click the FREE button for details). I am wondering if I can combine this offer with a 30% off Coupon I received from the Borders Rewards program... Sign up for Borders Rewards next time you're in the store. It's FREE, it's easy and you will find great offers like these!

Movie from Redbox, purchase a 3 oz. Endangered Species Chocolate bar from Wags now through July 31st and your receipt will include your Redbox code.

Movie every 1st Monday of the month from Redbox. Sign up for their text announcement and they will send the code right to you!

True Lemon Packets. Sign up to receive these delicious flavor packets. Great for recipes calling for lemon, orange or lime juice! I added some lemon to some smoothies I made - FANTASTIC! This is a great example of why samples work! I will now put these on my shopping list.

Revisit these great deals:
FREE Splenda brand sweetener samples - You choose the sample you're interested in, and they will send it to you. I chose the flavored packet for coffee, sounds yummy!

FREE Bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce- Sign up for a Free bottle of BBQ Sauce. This sample comes with a recipe for Hawaiian Burgers - WOW! Delicious!!
FREE Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash- Sign up for a Free sample.
FREE Volpi Itallian Meats- Sign up for a Free sample. I just have to know, what does a free sample of meat looks like?

FREE Jergens Natural Glow

FREE DQ Blizzard- Join the fan club and they will email you.

FREE Aveeno Nourish Hair Care

Chocolate, Real Chocolate Relief Act from Mars, FREE Chocolate: Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, 3 Musketeers, M&M, or Dove.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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