Thursday, August 13, 2009

Caution, Fraudulent Coupons Circulating

Hi All,

I just received an email today with a link to a coupon from a well intentioned relative who knows I just love a great coupon, better yet, for a FREE bottle of Olive Oil. Who wouldn't love that!?!

The only problem is, when I opened the coupon, it was in a pdf file. This is not so unusual, but not very common anymore. With the birth of the Internet coupon, the abuse of the Internet and Internet coupons was also born. Most coupons will have its own individual bar code and you will only be able to print a limited amount.

On this coupon was printed, "no expiration". And, you could print an unlimited amount. Does that sound reasonable? No, it doesn't. That company would be out of business tomorrow!

We coupon-ers do get many many many items for FREE, and that is what coupon-ing is about. That, and saving a lot of money. When it is done in a legal way. Please make sure that you do not use illegal fraudulent coupons! You will be held responsible for the use. Not the store, not the cashier - you are responsible. If you suspect the coupon looks strange or unusual, don't use it.

There are so many great on line legitimate coupons available! Find them right HERE (or at the left hand side of our blog). They just keep getting better and better, and lately especially, they are even better than the newspaper coupons. Right now, there is a Kmart coup for FREE pencils, a week or two ago, FREE chocolate milk,...

Remember these tips:

  • Print them as soon as they come out because the manufacturer only offers a limited number and once they're gone, they're gone.

  • Also, print as many times as they will allow. If you like the same coupon: print it out, go back to the home page, find your coup and reprint until they tell you "print limit reached".

  • Then, go find another computer. The coupons are per computer, not per printer. So, if you are in a situation like in my house where we have 4 computers all linked to one computer... you get the gist!!

Sorry, I hope I didn't come off as preach-y. I just don't want any foxes getting into our hen house!!

Have a great day,

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