Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coupon Day...

Just a reminder to go out and get your papers today. There are only two inserts in today's paper, but some of the coups are very nice.

Also, I wanted to mention that (or on the left over there) has a nice coupon for Pillsbury crescents and one for Grands for .50c off/2. If you live in an area where your coups double, this is better than the newspaper coup which is $1/3 (if this is something you buy, print the limit on this). This week at Kroger, Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, Crescents or Rolls are .99c WYB 10 sale. With this IP they will be .50c ea.

Welch's Jelly has a .75 c coup at and a coup in the paper this week for FREE Snack Pack pudding WYB jelly and Peter Pan PB. Use these coups together (better yet, find a Peter Pan coup too).

Also, the Betty Crocker .50/1 Warm Delight coups are great. In the paper they're usually on 2!

Have you registered your CVS card online? If not, you should. You will get great email coupons (for use with your card only). This week there were two: $5 off $25 and $4 off $20. Use these with ECB's and coups and you have fantastic savings, or use with the FREE back-to-school supplies (WYroll) Sun.-Tues (you may only use one CVS $ off/$ per order).

The same is true for Wag's, they will send you $5 off $25 coups when you register your email there.

Have a great shopping week!

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