Friday, September 18, 2009

FREEEEEEEE Stuff Friday, Sept. 18th

Hi Everyone,

Let's wrap up a great shopping week with some FREE Stuff Friday!
Click the FREE button to get your link to FREE Stuff.


Sign up after Friday's, after 9am, for your Free Chocolate Bar! Big thanks to Mars!

FREE Hallmark Cards
Remember this free offer? It's still available so pop over and give them your address to receive some cute cards.

They are adorable, I got mine in the mail yesterday. It's worth a quick minute to pop over there and give them your address!

FREE Movie Ticket
from Spot Shot, with any Spot Shot Purchase. One ticket per household, up to a $12 value.
FYI, one FREE movie ticket used at the dollar cinema will usually work for 4 tickets!! AND, if you have a Buy 4 Get 4 coupon in your Entertainment Book, used with the one FREE movie ticket, stretches it to 8 FREE tickets!! ... and a clean carpet.

Pepsi Coups

Have a great weekend.

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