Sunday, September 20, 2009

This week's deals

There are some great things this week! For those who just joined us in our quest for savings, hang in there. You will pick things up as the weeks go by. Start clipping those coupons!


Aussie hair products-- buy two @ 2.99 (-2RR, -$2mcoup) $1 each
Q-tips 4.29 ( 2.99 wags price, -.30 mcoup) 2.69 for 600 count
clearance Starbucks candy .59-.75 cents
Huggies jumbo packs $8.99 (-$3 mcoup) $6.99


bananas .44/lb
ground ANGUS chuck $1.79/lb
grapes .86/lb.
Grands buiscuits .99 (-.70 doubles mcoup) .29
Duncan Hines brownie mixes are .99. With no coup, that is still a 50% savings!
Planters Nutrition nuts are 40% off. MMBcoup $2 off (vary from 1.07 to 1.41 each)
look at the clearance aisle. I found free Green Giant veggies and 75% off Downy.

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